• Trapezoidal external sheet “ROOF 4””
  • For pitched roofs starting from 4°
  • Fire class B-S1-D0 (standard)
  • Inside finished with aluminium foil
  • Cover width 1000 mm
  • Suitable for agricultural applications
  • Thicknesses from 20 mm to 160 mm
  • Insulation value down to U = 0,14 W/m2 .k
  • Also suitable for PV system installation

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Thickness [D]Overall Thickness [Dt]WeightU-value
The mentioned insulation values in this table are based on calculations according NEN-EN14509:2013


PropertyStandardCertification StandardResultField of application
Reaction to FireEN ISO 11925-2:2010 ignitability EN 13501-1:2017 reaction to fire EN 13501-1:2017 reactie op brandEN 13501-1:2007 Fire classification of construction products and building elements - Part 1B-S1-D0All thicknesses
External Fire PerformanceCEN/TS 1187EN14509:2013 & 2006/600/ECBROOF (t1, t2 en t3)All thicknesses
EN 13501-5BROOF t4All thicknesses


For further information on environmental issues please contact the sales department of REX Panels & Profiles.

Air Leakage

When correctly installed the air leakage of the REX SDW ROOF 4 ECO sandwich panels is approx. 4,6 m3/hour/m2 @ 50 pa. Under normal environmental conditions this is tight enough to prevent condensation or unacceptable air leakage. If necessary (i.e. coldstore applications) the airtightness can be improved by gun applied sealing the panel to panel joints using silicon mastic.

Indicative octave band sound Insulation Index (R) in [dB] / [Hz]
The weighted Sound Reduction Index (SRI) of sandwich PIR roof panels is approx. 25 dB(A)


Available lengths

Standard lengths2500 to 13600 mm
Longer lengths*13600 to 21300 mm
Shorter lengths*Below 2500 mm
*Non-standard lengths are available on request and subjected to a surcharge

Panel End Cut Back

Standard Cut Back Eaves100 mm
Standard Cut Back Endlap200 to 300 mm
Minimum Cut Back2 mm
Maximum Cut Back350 mm


Sandwich roof panels can be installed from left to right or from right to left. REX SDW ROOF 4 ECO panels are standard produced and supplied with a sidelap on the right (see illustration). If a different installation direction is required this can be mentioned during the order process.


LengthL ≤ 3000 mm-5 mm+5 mm
L ≥ 3000 mm-10 mm+10 mm
ThicknessD ≤ 100 mm-2 mm+2 mm
D ≥ 100 mm-2%D+2%D
Cover width-2 mm+2 mm
Squareness-6 mm+6 mm
Other product- and materialtolerances according EN14509:2013


Core material

The profiled external sheet is standard available in the following materials and coating systems:

Polyester 25 muGalvanised Steel quality S320 GD or better
Plastisol 200 muGalvanised Steel quality S320 GD or better
REX PUR 60 muGalvanised Steel quality S320 GD or better

= standard available

Internal sheet

*Available colours according standard colourchart which is available on request
**Other coatings / thicknesses on request available

Broken WhiteAluminium stucco

= standard available


The REX SDW ROOF 4 ECO sandwich panel is fitted with a soft semi-closed PVC foam sealant. This sealant is factory apllied on the overlap of the steel external sheet (side lap). With a compression rate of 30% a sufficiently airtight joint will be created.

Quality and Guarantee


The REX SDW ROOF 4 ECO product is CE marked according EN14509:2013. The quality of our products is under FPC (Factory Production Control) continuesly monitored in our own testlaboratory. These procedures are secured under ISO9001.


The REX SDW ROOF 4 ECO panels can be supplied including the following certificates / quality marks:


All products from REX Panels & Profiles come with a standard 10-year product warranty. An extended warranty is available on request under certain conditions. Some coating systems offer an additional (longer) guarantee on the durability of the external and / or internal sheet. For more information or the warranty conditions you can consult the website or contact our sales department.

Packaging and transport


The REX SDW ROOF 4 ECO sandwich panels are stacked interleaved on OSB boards and PS blocks and fully wrapped in foil to create solid and manageable bundles. On request the panels can be stacked with all profiled external sheets up or down.

Number of panels per pack
Core thickness2030405060708090100110120130160
Stacked interleaved282218161412101088866
Stacked crowns up or down2017151311109987776


All deliveries are made via standard road transport to the construction site (maximum standard length 13600 mm). The trucks must be unloaded by the customer with suitable lifting equipment. Transport of longer lengths (up to 21300 mm) and / or self-unloaders is also possible on request.