A major investment project was soon set up in 2013 for the production of composite panels, Rex’s product for the future. This was made possible with support from the European Union and the Walloon Region.

That led to the start of the company’s first composite panel production line at a second, four-hectare site in Tournai, Belgium in 2015.

The first composite panel production line was designed to produce roofing panels, eco panels, wall panels and hidden fix wall panels. Later on, refrigerator panels and roof tile panels were added.

That made it the most versatile production line in the world.

The panels are sold in Belgium and the surrounding countries, but also in distant export countries under the capable leadership of Dieter Lottin.


Thanks to its success, the first production line is now working at full capacity and investments in a second composite panel production line have begun.

It will be ready for use in the second half of 2019.

Rex Panels & Profiles intends to continue investing and growing in the market for insulated panels, profiled sheets and related construction products over the next 25 years. This will lead to the creation of new production lines and sites in Belgium, in Europe and around the world.

Rex aims to position itself as an alternative to the monopolisation that is becoming more and more apparent in this sector, thus offering the customer a better choice and range of products.

As a first-generation enterprise, Rex believes in short supply chains to the customer, rapid service and high quality. What is more, its extremely wide range means that Rex can meet all the customer’s needs.

We look forward to growing alongside our customers in the next 25 years, turning our company into an international player.

Michel Verhelst
Owner, Founder and CEO